Why fat-burners, eating less and exercising more isn’t a sustainable way to achieve fat loss.

Simply put – Fat burners, eating less and exercising more does not create the demand to burn body fat long-term, but it actually creates the need for the metabolism to slow down (resulting in the body storing fat and burning muscle tissue)

Basically when we are “starving”, our body wants to hold on to as much stored energy as possible (body fat being a fabulous source of stored energy).

Muscle burns more calories at rest, and our bodies are quite aware of this – which is why when we are “starved”, our bodies will burn muscle tissue to conserve more energy.

Not only can starving ourselves result in muscle-loss and a slowed metabolism, but an adequate amount of carbohydrates are necessary for proper thyroid activity (the conversion of T4 to T3), meaning it can actually cause weight gain by inhibiting thyroid activity.

Of course – building a sufficient amount of lean muscle can be very beneficial to increasing your metabolism and the amount of calories you burn at rest – but in excess (without proper recovery), it can increase cortisol and lower your metabolism.

I also never recommend fat-burners that contain high doses of stimulants to my clients, as most just increase cortisol, as well as damage your liver and your gut (all being no bueno for fat-loss long-term)

Instead of adding supplements to activate your sympathetic nervous system (fat-burners), I usually recommend supplements to balance their specific hormonal imbalance or supplements that allow faster fat/carbohydrate utilization.

Exercise smarter, not more. 

Focus on recovery and hormonal health. 

If you are looking for a training program that is designed to create a more positive hormonal profile, I highly recommend checking out “The Happy Hormone Exercise Guide 2.0) available for $10 in the guide section of my website (Link in Bio)

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