What’s the deal with caffeine/stimulants and fat-loss?

When used and timed properly, caffeine allows an environment for fat cells to be broken down for energy. 

But what happens when you overuse caffeine/stimulants?

Basically a chain reaction:

– Overuse of stimulants usually results in your body becoming resistant to adrenaline (this means low energy, holding on to body fat, muscle loss and inflammation)

– With chronically elevated adrenaline brings chronically elevated levels of cortisol (this is the inflammatory response to adrenaline) – Not only is chronically elevated cortisol not ideal when trying to lose fat (as chronically elevated cortisol usually result in retaining body fat and muscle catabolism), but chronically elevated cortisol can blunt the production of the anabolic sex hormones (aka less gains and more hormonal imbalances)

– Overuse can also interfere with both sleep and wake cycles. I cannot stress how important sleep is when it comes to fat-loss and your overall health. 

What you really need to do for sustainable fat-loss:

– Proper nutrition

– Adequate water intake

– Support your liver

– Support your adrenals

– Exercise that encourages a positive hormonal profile

If you are experiencing chronic fatigue/lack of energy, abnormal weight gain and/or decreased ability to handle stress – I highly recommend checking out “The Hormone Reboot – Adrenal Fatigue” in the guide section of my website (Link in Bio)

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