What kind of exercise program promotes a more positive hormonal profile?

Some of the best weight-loss advice I can give you is to stop stressing about “burning calories” and focus on creating a more positive hormonal profile.

Solely focusing on chronic cardio or extended periods of cardio will result in excessive cortisol release (which is not something we want), not to mention the body adapts quickly to repetitive aerobic exercise which can down regulate your thyroid function – making you less efficient at burning calories and putting you in a less ideal environment for fat loss.

But what type of exercise promotes a more positive hormonal profile?

An exercise program that:

– Improves insulin sensitivity

– Reduces stress

– Creates more mitochondria

– Improves the way your mitochondria function

– Increases detoxification through lymphatic drainage

But what does this type of program look like?

It should include resistance training (to build muscle and create more mitochondria), circuit training (to improve your mitochondrial function), HIIT (to improve insulin sensitivity) and active rest (to reduce stress and promote lymphatic drainage).

If you are looking for a training program that promotes a more positive hormonal profile, I highly recommend checking out “The Happy Hormone 12-Week Exercise Guide” available for $10 in the guide section of my website.

Exercise smarter – not more.

Focus on hormonal health and sustainable weight-loss.

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