What do you do with items you’re ready to give up?

I never liked this blanket.
It’s warm, and it’s soft, but anytime you use it, red fluffs come off, and they stick to the carpet and your clothing. One time I went to have a shower, and there was even a fluff that was on the shower wall.
To be clear, I did not buy this blanket; Brian did (sorry Brian, but it was a botch)
I just bought a new throw for the couch, so it’s time to say goodbye to this throw.
I could end this story here, and it would be a happy ending for me.
The thing is when it comes to getting rid of stuff – I hate throwing things out, and I always want to give it another life or find another purpose for it.
The homeless population in Portland’s downtown (where I currently live) is insane, and there are so many that could use this blanket.
When I was leaving my place today to run errands, and I brought the throw with me and gave it to someone who looked like they would appreciate it. I found someone within two minutes. The man was grateful, and honestly, his reaction and knowing that it is going to have another life, made me feel really good.
I’m not implying that you walk the streets and find someone to give your gently used stuff to, although there are so many places that you can directly donate your things to, to people who won’t have to pay for them, or where the money made will go directly to local causes. Websites like @freecycle are also such a great way to recycle and reuse items that shouldn’t be in the landfill.
I think sometimes we can forget how good we have it, and that someone could really use the things we take for granted.
What do you do with items that you’re ready to give up?
Are there places that you recommend donating to?

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