Is your lymphatic system causing you to have acne?

One of the main roles of the lymphatic system is to remove waste from every cell in your body.

But what can cause your lymphatic system to slow down?

In short – stress. 

When the body is put under stress, it is forced to produce more cortisol. More cortisol means more inflammation, which inevitably increases the amount of free radicals within the body.

When a person is under too much stress, it can result in toxic build up and it can become quite difficult for the body to do it’s job optimally.

How can you promote a healthy lymph system?

  1. Up your water intake
  2. Facial massage/whole body massage
  3. Make time for movement everyday
  4. Dry brush each morning before you hop in the shower
  5. Rebounding
  6. Consume a diet that boosts lymphatic function
  7. Practice deep breathing exercises

If you’re looking for a hormonal acne protocol to follow that focuses on overall hormonal balance – I highly recommend checking out “The Hormone Reboot – Hormonal Acne” in the guide section of my website. 

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