Is tracking your menstrual cycle a form of birth control?

Our bodies are smart and give us signals we need to pay attention to. I always encourage people to become more aware of what is happening internally – and using your menstrual cycle as a tool is a great way to become more in tune with your body!

Tracking your menstrual cycle is easier to do than ever now, with so many period-tracker apps available at our fingertips. 

The majority of these apps use a method called the rhythm method, which works by predicting ovulation, the time of the month when an egg is available to be fertilized. 

It’s pretty simple – By logging your menstrual cycle consistently, the app tracks your menstrual cycle and predicts your ovulation period. Since many women have irregular cycles, the apps also predict days you may be fertile (adding a few days on each end of ovulation). 

While most people don’t realize that we can only get pregnant a few days out of each month, it is important to realize that sperm can live up to 72 hours and ovulation may be more difficult to predict due to an irregular cycle. 

Putting the tracking method as birth control aside – I personally think tracking your cycle is empowering, as it simply allows you to be more in tune with your own body.

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