How to treat back acne naturally

You’re eating a nutritious diet, exercising regularly and getting quality sleep and you still have back acne?

You might want to consider –

1. Ditching chemical ridden shampoos, lotions and body washes – as these can be super irritating to the skin.
2. Switch to a natural laundry detergent. There could be a chance that your laundry detergent is irritating your skin.
3. Practice that good hygiene. Remove sweaty clothes ASAP after a workout and hop in the shower.
4. Promote a healthy lymphatic system and dry brush each morning before you hop in the shower.
5. Opt for luke warm showers. If you are showering with super hot water, it can be drying out your skin which causes your skin to overproduce oil all over your back and chest – resulting in that dreaded bacne.
6. Always moisturize after your shower. Oils will help your skin not to overproduce it’s own oil, inevitably preventing acne.
7. Use CLEAR by LOOK Organics topically. This product is loaded with natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat breakouts. Apply it on clean skin after a shower.


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