Eyebrows are thinning? Why and how to grow thicker brows naturally!

Micro-blading has become super popular these days, due to the fact that many people are unhappy with their thin eyebrows.

Thin eyebrows can be a result of the tweeze-fest in the early 2000’s or it can simply be a part of the aging process – or it can be a symptom of an underlying hormonal imbalance like hypothyroidism, nutrient deficiency, eczema or autoimmune disorder.

Determining the underlying cause of your thinning eyebrows will help you better determine the treatment.

Which nutrients are helpful with eyebrow growth?

– Iron
– B Vitamins
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin D
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– Omega-3 fatty acids

I always recommend testing for nutrient deficiencies before aimlessly supplementing. 

What can you apply topically to stimulate growth?

Castor oil.

Castor oil works to thicken the eyebrow hair as it contains protein, fatty acids and vitamins that work to nourish the hair follicle and promote growth – not to mention, it is a great natural moisturizer!

Apply the oil directly to your brows, massage it in gently and leave it overnight.

Results will vary from person to person, but it should normally take about three weeks to see results.

If you have eczema in your eyebrows, I highly recommend coconut oil in your eyebrows – same instructions as above.

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