If you’re only relying on one thing to make you feel confident, what happens if that piece disappears?

I recently got asked how I deal with confidence issues, and honestly, it’s not a common occurrence because I have a lot of things I feel confident in.

I have a career I love.
I empower myself with knowledge.
I only wear clothes that make me feel good.
I exercise regularly and ensure to get movement in daily.
I feel like I can rely on the ones that I am close to, but I don’t have to depend on others for everything.
I know what I want, and I work hard to get it.
I don’t get caught up in things that aren’t truly important (I’m sure many of you have realized throughout COVID what’s actually important).
I’ve had a lot of experiences, I’ve taken a lot of risks, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’ve grown so much from them.
I don’t care what others who don’t know me personally think of me.

I’m grateful for what I have.

You’re always going to have off days, but if your confidence is inconsistent, it’s likely because you’re not being consistent in doing things that make you feel confident.

The good news – your entire life can change in a matter of months, if you allow it to. It’s the small habits. How you spend your mornings. How you talk to yourself. What you read. What you watch. What you consume on social media. Who and what you spend your energy on. That will change your life.

Your current situation is not your final destination.

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