Are you experiencing a significant amount of hair-loss? It could be an indication of low Ferritin

Are you experiencing a significant amount of hair-loss and it’s not a thyroid issue?

Have you checked your iron levels recently?

Your hair loss could be an indication of low Ferritin, which is the storage form of iron.

Basically, your hair follicles store ferritin. When your body is low on iron for its essential functions, it will steal Ferritin from the stores of less essential parts of the body – such as the hair follicle.

Men can be affected too, but it is most common for women to be affected as we experience significant blood loss during menstruation (which depletes iron stores).

Have your iron levels been tested and you have been told it is in “normal” range?

When getting tested, make sure you are testing for Ferritin levels (not just iron levels).

It is also important to know that even if your Ferritin levels are within “normal” range, the level may still not be adequate for optimum hair growth.

Ferritin levels are considered normal for women between 10-120 ng/mL (about 70 ng/mL are required to stop hair loss and needed for adequate hair regrowth)

What should you do in the meantime?

Ensure you are covering all your other nutritional bases – as B vitamins, zinc, iron, silicon and selenium are also important minerals for healthy hair growth.

Do not start supplementing with iron before you get appropriate blood tests, and do not supplement with iron if you are not deficient.


  1. What do you recommend for iron supplements. I used to take an iron supplement in a liquid form from the health store but my doctor told me there was no benefit.

    1. My favourite iron supplement is “Blood Builder” by MegaFoods as it works to help maintain healthy red blood cells and iron levels in the blood!

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