Are supplements necessary?

In a perfect world where we could get all of the nutrients we need from diet (and actually consumed adequate amounts of whole foods ensuring that we received enough essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants) – no.

In today’s world, not only do most people not meet their daily nutrient requirement, but there has been a huge decline in soil quality (which means we are getting less nutrients in our food), an increase in exposure to processed foods, environmental toxins, antibiotics, birth control and other medications (which puts extra strain on our gut and detoxification organs) – not to mention a decrease in sleep quality and an increase in overall stress.

Of course, when it comes to supplementing with vitamins/minerals – not everyone will have the same requirements.

(I always recommend getting tested for deficiencies before aimlessly supplementing).

When you provide your body with the proper nutrients it needs to function – your ability to heal and develop will inevitably increase and you will be able to maintain optimal levels of vitality.

What supplement do I recommend to everyone? 

A greens superfood blend, as it can provide you with the same vitamins and minerals that a multi-vitamin offers, as well as probiotics, prebiotics, disease protective antioxidants and detoxification nutrients.

(I use Genuine Health’s greens+ Formula

Why is a greens superfood supplement better than taking a multi-vitamin?

Because unlike a multivitamin that you just swallow that opens up in your stomach – by sipping on a greens superfood supplement, your DNA and RNA in your saliva have the chance to interact with the vitamins/minerals before they enter your stomach.




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