5 important things to remember on your health and fitness journey

1.  Progress isn’t just physical (you’re actually doing yourself a disservice if you just focus on your appearance) – and small progress is still progress. 

2. Being healthy doesn’t equal restricting calories or restricting yourself from the foods you love – It’s about fuelling your body with things that are good for your mind and body. 

3. Consistent actions create consistent results. Eating a salad is not going to make you lose a bunch of weight, if you’re consistently eating poorly. Indulging in an unhealthy meal isn’t going to make you gain a bunch of weight, if you’re consistently eating well. 

4. Healthy will look different on everyone, focus on finding your own balance. Just because you don’t have a solid 6 pack doesn’t mean you’re not working hard too. 

5. Getting movement in should be enjoyable and make you feel good, not stress you out. It’s a never ending journey, so learn to enjoy the ride.

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