The healthiest diet

The healthiest diet shouldn’t focus on restriction – but rather consistency and sustainability.

I will never recommend a diet that instills a mindset of restriction – as this almost always leads to frustration, a lack of consistency, an unhealthy relationship with food and a whole lot of added stress (which is why most conventional diets end up failing).

It’s healthy to enjoy experiences and find the foods you love without feeling guilty.

I believe for sustainable weight-loss, it’s important to:

  1. Be mindful and eat to satisfy
  2. Trust your body and the signals it gives you
  3. Focus on nourishment, not restriction
  4. Work with your metabolism, not against it

If you are ready to give up the dieting mentality and embrace a sustainable weight-loss mindset, I highly recommend looking into “The Hormone Reboot – Metabolic Healing” (in the guide section of my website)

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