Is salt bad for you?

Of course not! A large amount of our bodies are made up of salt water which means sodium is necessary for your body to function optimally!

Think about it – when a person is dehydrated and given an IV, it contains saline solution (salt water).

Consuming appropriate amounts of salt aids in regulating blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, digestion and overall hormonal balance.

Avoiding sodium completely will lead to a mineral imbalance (which can lead to an abundance of issues). What is more important to your health is actually your sodium to potassium ratio.

People who have high blood pressure because of “too much salt”, is likely due to the fact that their potassium is too low (potassium can relax blood vessels and decrease blood pressure)

High potassium foods can include dark leafy greens, avocados, squash, bananas etc.

Here’s the catch:

Table salts are chemically bleached and usually void of any vital nutrients and trace minerals.

Natural salt like pink himalayan salt contains all 84 trace minerals needed by the body.

I personally use a pink Himalayan sea vegetable blend!


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