Healthy fats and the gut-brain connection

Your gut and your brain have a unique ability to communicate to your nervous system, your immune system and your hormones (commonly known as the gut-brain connection)

This also means that the state of your gut also plays a big role in your mood (and your mood can also affect your gut).

Did you know that your diet affects your mood? Imbalances in the gut, consuming foods you are allergic to, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, omega-3 deficiencies and blood sugar imbalances can greatly affect your mental health.

It is no surprise that all of these are associated with inflammation (I highly recommend looking into the link between chronic inflammation + mental illness if this interests you). Healthy fats are highly anti-inflammatory.

Our brains are composed of 60% fat, which means that our brains need fat to work correctly.

This is why a balanced diet and consuming enough healthy fats is so important for optimal health.

This is also why essential fatty acids are called “essential” (we cannot make them ourselves, and we must get them through our diet), as they are essential for brain development.

What are my healthy fat source staples?

1. Avocado (obv)

2. Nuts and seeds

3. Whole eggs

4. Salmon

5. Extra virgin olive oil

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