How can I overcome IBS?

I receive emails daily from men and women reaching out to me in hopes to find relief of their IBS symptoms.

It’s pretty crazy to me that so many people are suffering from a psychosomatic disease (meaning that it’s caused and/or aggravated by stress) but most people are offered little to no real solution.

I personally think it’s because they don’t really understand what this psychosomatic disease really means.

Conventional treatments for IBS are directed to relieve the symptoms associated with IBS (providing only symptomatic relief) – however they fail to address the unbalanced brain-gut communication.

It is important to realize that if you are feeling anxious or stressed, it not only affects your gut – but the feelings could be triggered by the state of your gut.

Stress affects your gut, and what is happening in your gut is also affecting your mind (this is why most people dealing with a gut disorder will also be dealing with mood disorder)

This is the “gut-brain connection”.

But instead of just thinking of work or relationship stressors, I want to expand your mind further –

Consuming foods you are allergic/intolerant to is a stressor.

An overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine is a stressor.

A low fibre/high sugar diet is a stressor.

A bacterial or viral infection is a stressor.

Overuse of antibiotics and medications is a stressor.

Over-exposure to environmental toxins is a stressor.

If you are experiencing IBS symptoms, I highly recommend checking out “The Hormone Reboot – Digestive Healing” in the guide section of my website.

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  1. Hey dude,
    I’m actually lost for words, you are such an Amazing lady…I’m feeling on top of the world…all my issues regarding my gut, feeling hungry all the time, acid reflux and sleeping has improved. Not spot on but better and I feel myself again after a very long time. But please have a request. I’d like to send you my diet plan as what I eat and stuff can you please guide me to the right foods?? I’m still a little acidic after my meal but it’s only slight. Thank you❤️. Lots of respect from my heart and soul.

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