What your tongue can say about your health

What your tongue can say about your health

While the external signals can’t tell the full story, our bodies are constantly sending signs to the outside of you about what’s going on internally.

Think about it – from skin rashes to extreme bloating,  to unintentional weight loss – these are all external signs from your body that something is going on inside.

From your vitamin/mineral deficiencies, dehydration, allergies to yeast overgrowth – certain characteristics of your tongue can be indications of specific conditions.

A healthy tongue should be pink in colour, without any colour coating on it. A dark red coloured tongue can indicate a vitamin/mineral deficiency – like B12, selenium and zinc. A super pale looking tongue can indicate an iron deficiency. A thick coating on your tongue can be an indication of yeast overgrowth (like candida).

Why are these symptoms important to pay attention to?  It’s just another piece of the puzzle.

Example: Your thyroid is also known as the body’s “master gland of metabolism”. B12, selenium, zinc and iron are essential vitamins/minerals needed for optimal thyroid function. It is important to have your thyroid functioning optimally as it not only influences the function of your metabolism – but also directly affects the function of your brain, heart, kidneys and liver.

Aside from vitamin/mineral deficiencies – a yeast overgrowth can also affect your thyroid, resulting in decreased overall function of the gland.
If your thyroid is not functioning well – you’re probably not feeling too good.

Your body is smart, it is important to pay attention to and be mindful about the signs it gives you. Also, I highly recommend investing in a tongue scraper if you don’t already have one.

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