I’m always finding synchronicities in life.

For as long as I have tracked my cycle, it’s always synchronized with the full moon.
I find that it’s so interesting that a woman’s menstrual cycle is similar to the lunar cycle.

I don’t know why a lot of people think certain things don’t matter.

Paying attention to nature’s rhythms and our rhythms only helps things flow easier.
Rhythms are constant in our lives.

The rhythms of the sun and the moon, the rhythm of our sleep and wake cycles, the rhythm of seasons, and right down to the rhythm of our pulse and breath.

When we are in sync with the rhythm, everything makes more sense.

I think a lot of us have become so disconnected.

I like to make connections to life through rhythms and synchronicities. It helps me feel more connected.

Life is so much more interesting, satisfying and beautiful when everything matters and everything is connected.

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