Let’s bring back personal style

Let’s bring back personal style

I don’t know about you, but I’m over hearing about what’s “in trend”. When you start to see trends as a marketing tactic and a means of manipulating consumers to drive hyper-consumption, you’ll most likely want to stop following trends naturally. Discovering more about yourself through your personal style will always be in vogue.

Everything I’m wearing in this photo is second-hand/vintage. Most of it, I’ve had for years, and I’ve worn each piece at least 10-20 times since I purchased them. I’m an outfit repeater, but I will usually change something about the outfit to make it feel ‘new.’

My best advice:

When you’re purchasing something, ask yourself how many times you would realistically wear it?

Instead of impulse buying, create a list of items you need. Create a note in your notes app — every time you try on an outfit, if there’s something you think would make it look better or different, write it down. You can start prioritizing purchases based on how often you would use them.

Invest in timeless, high-quality pieces rather than accumulating poor quality items. When you buy high quality second hand pieces, and later, you fall out of love with them, you can usually consign them for the same price you bought them for (or more) if you take care of your items.

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