If you want to sleep better

If you want to sleep better
Ensure you are exposing yourself to light in the mornings.
Early morning light is essential to synchronize your circadian rhythm.
When your circadian rhythm is thrown off, it means that the body’s systems aren’t functioning optimally.
Your circadian rhythm influences important functions in our bodies like certain hormone releases, body temperature, energy levels, appetite and digestion.
When you expose yourself to morning light, your body stops the flow of melatonin and triggers the flow of serotonin, the “wake-up” and “feel good” hormone.
This also means that limiting screen time before sleep is necessary.
If you’re experiencing shitty sleep, and you’re not exposing yourself to light in the mornings + you’re exposing yourself to too much blue light in the evenings – this is your sign to make a change (and it’s free). Light suppresses the body’s release of melatonin (a hormone that makes us feel tired). While this may be helpful during the day, it becomes super unhelpful at night when we’re trying to sleep.
My bedroom is my sanctuary, which is why it’s dark, cool and quiet – and reserved for sex and sleep only

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