How to avoid a burnout

How to avoid a burnout

Burn outs are real, and chronic stress can wreck havoc on your life.

Your health is about as much (or more) mental than it is physical – and I think it’s so important for everyone to have the knowledge about the tools they could use to improve their lives.

6 things you should be implementing to avoid a burnout:

1. Make your health a priority. Focus on getting great sleep, getting movement in, staying hydrated and eating well.

2. Schedule free time daily

3. Change your environment frequently to keep you inspired (it can be as simple as working out of a new coffee shop weekly)

4. Establish healthy boundaries, and stick to them

5. Find time to unplug and be in nature

6. Learn to know when to say “no”, so that your “yes” becomes more valuable.

How do you prevent burning yourself out?

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