Food is more than energy, it’s information

Food is more than energy, it’s information

Most people generally look at food as “energy” or “fuel”, and although that is true – it’s actually not that simple.

Food is information, for our cells.

The food we eat actually becomes a part of our cells.

The food we eat contains information that can literally turn on and off certain genes.

This is the science of nutrigenomics (basically a nutritional approach that focuses on how food communicates with our genes). Each time we eat is an opportunity to shape our health for the better. This means that the foods we eat can determine whether we play into, reverse or fight disease, aging and hormonal issues.

While genetics will always play a role, it is so important to be aware of epigenetics (this refers to your gene expression being determined on the environment you put them in). Only a small amount of your genes are fixed, meaning that the rest are flexible and can be switched on and off.

There is not one specific protocol that works for everyone, but I will always recommend eating more whole food based options, getting in movement daily and adequate sleep (as these can all modulate your genetic expression)

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