“Food is just calories”

“Food is just calories”

My face when someone says “food is just calories”.
To me, that’s like saying sex is just for reproduction.

Sex is also an exchange of many things like pleasure, intimacy, and *energy*. Think about orgasms, they consume and release energy.

Food is calories, but there’s also an exchange of energy that happens when we consume it. Our energy, words, and emotions affect the food we eat, and the food we eat can also affect our emotions and energy. You can even feel when your food was made with love.

All of it is information. It’s information for our cells.

Our cells are made up of 4 compounds – proteins, carbohydrates, lipids (fats), and nucleic acids (DNA/RNA).
Our genes are made of DNA which means genetics will always play a role in your health, but epigenetics refers to your gene expression being determined by the environment you put them in.

I think almost everything around us should be viewed as an information and an energy exchange.

Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs are energy.
Everything is energy, including you.
This is why your nutrition matters.
Your sleep quality matters.
Your posture and movement matter.
Your relationships matter.
Your thoughts and beliefs matter.

I think sometimes we need to hear something worded differently for it to click with us. I also think that when you realize this, you naturally have a better relationship with yourself and the world around you.

There is not one specific protocol that works for everyone, but I will always recommend being more mindful, eating more whole food-based options, getting in movement daily, and adequate sleep (as these can all modulate your energy and genetic expression).

Change your energy and you can change your life.

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