Staying inspired

Staying inspired

I think it’s so important to feed your brain with different experiences consistently.

Personally, it helps me stay inspired.

As most of you know — I work from home and I’m at home a lot. I like to prioritize travel when I can, but I don’t think you need to travel to different states or countries to have new experiences. You can simply give yourself permission for a few hours every week to engage in the opportunity to not have any set plans and to break from your normal routine.

Wake up early to watch the sunrise. Choose a new neighborhood to explore in your city.
Turn off your phone and just roll with it.
Browse around in new stores or have a meal in a restaurant you’ve never been to.
Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.
Sign up for a random class.
Amongst many things – growth comes from learning new ways, new places, putting yourself in new situations and experiencing new things.

How do you stay inspired? What is currently inspiring you?

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