Why you should never compare your body to someone else’s

One of the reasons why you should never compare your journey to someone else’s (besides the obvious variables that go into someone else’s journey – what their nutrition, training intensity, rest and recovery is like etc), simply comes down to genetics. 

Let me start by saying that your genetics will determine how your muscles will look when you get lean enough for them to become visible. 

This means your genetics determine the actual shape of your abs or your biceps and how they look on your body. 

Your genetics can also determine where some people naturally carry more fat. 

At the end of the day – you just need to focus on your own journey and stop undermining your worth by comparing yourself to others. 

Not only does everyone have different strengths and different weaknesses – we all perceive them differently as well. 

Embrace what you have, and never compare your own weaknesses to other people’s strengths. 

By altering your mindset and changing your perspective, you can determine what your strengths and weaknesses become in your life. 

Life is a lot more beautiful this way 🙂

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