Why is having good posture important?

I personally think confidence is beautiful – no matter the weight, the shape or the size.

Instead of slouching over – stand/sit up tall and be confident (aka have better posture)

Yes, maintaining good posture can make you appear more attractive (looking taller can make you appear slimmer) – but it’s so much more important than that.

Sitting in a slouched position all day long, means less oxygen is coming into the body (when you have great posture, your lungs are more opened up – allowing more oxygen into the body)

Simply put – the less oxygen you intake, the less able you are to burn more fat (due to metabolic processes slowing down)

Aside from the obvious fat loss benefits – better posture can increase your overall energy, reduce stress and prevent aches/pains that are commonly caused by bad posture.

I know a lot of people find it difficult to have better posture, which is why I recommend strengthening your core/back muscles or seeking professional help to assist you (because it’s so important to your overall success).

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