Why is mindful eating so important when it comes to digestion?

When most people think about digestion, they often think about digestion beginning in the mouth (by chewing food with saliva), although digestion actually begins in the brain (called the “cephalic phase” of digestion”). This phase begins when we see, smell or even just think about food we are about to consume!

This phase prepares our body for the meal we are about to eat – which is why mindful eating is so important!

Preparing the food yourself and allowing your body to utilize its senses gives your body enough time to increase saliva production and for your stomach to begin producing enzymes and acid needed for optimal digestion.

Mindlessly eating and not taking the time to actually appreciate the food we consume can actually set us up for digestive issues. 

Mindful eating is one of the many ways to allow an environment for optimal digestion! 

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