Why is a greens supplement part of my daily supplement regimen?

When provided the proper nutrients, your body can function at its best – with its ability to heal, develop and maintain optimal levels of vitality.

Greens supplements provide you with all the vitamins & minerals that a multi-vitamin has, as well as probiotics, prebiotics, disease protective antioxidants and detoxification nutrients. (I use @genuinehealth greens+ Formula)

Whether you are looking for more energy, improved recovery, a more balanced acid/alkaline pH (which is critical when it comes to achieving optimal health) or improved digestive health – I would definitely recommend adding a scoop of greens+ into your regime!

It has 350% more phytonutrients than competing green foods and all-in-one formulas… and it tastes great (which is important to ensure you will actually drink it everyday! I love Mango Acai flavour)

Do you use a greens supplement?!

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