Why eat superfood salads? What is food synergy?

We know that it’s important to eat superfoods to reap the benefits of the wide arrange of essential micronutrients they offer – but superfood salads are my favourite because you can get the most from your superfoods by food combining!

Most superfoods are best absorbed when synergized with healthy fats (as vitamins A D E and K are fat soluble) or combined with other foods to aid in absorption – this is a concept called food synergy!

For example:

Iron found in plant foods (e.g. spinach) isn’t as readily available as iron found in red meat. When combined with vitamin C (e.g. apple), it can increase the absorption of the iron by almost 6 times!

If you love superfood salads, try my recipe: Apple, pumpkin, walnuts and spinach tossed in an ACV vinaigrette sprinkled with a couple dashes of cinnamon topped with chicken breast!

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