Why do some people end up putting back on the weight (and more) after going on a “diet”?

Exercising more and cutting your calories isn’t sustainable.

Simply put: If you drastically cut your calories and exercise more, your metabolism WILL slow down and your body will try and hold on to every bit of fat, because it thinks it is in “starvation” mode.

Cutting your calories may yield weight loss, but it is important to remember that weight-loss and fat-loss are not the same thing, and losing muscle will result in a slower metabolism.

I cannot stress how important holding onto your muscle is – the more muscle you have, the more calories you will naturally burn everyday!

Exercising more and cutting your calories drastically usually results in imbalanced hormones, muscle loss and a whole lot of stress – which puts you in a horrible environment for fat-loss.

Instead of focusing solely on calories, I recommend addressing the underlying cause (hormonal, metabolic, emotional etc) of why you are not at your goal weight. This could mean anything from emotional eating as a coping mechanism for stress to more serious issues from digestive health and organ efficiency.

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