Why can’t you just have one? The “bliss point”

It’s actually not completely all of your fault that you couldn’t just have one cookie – you can partially blame science, food scientists and “the bliss point”.

When you eat food that contains sugar, fat and salt – your brain releases hormones (dopamine and serotonin) that give us this feeling of total pleasure that our bodies crave.

There are food scientists that work with all of the major food companies to formulate products to have to the exact ratio of the “bliss point” (sugar/fat/salt) that will make the product almost impossible to put down.

If you actually start taking a look at the ingredients on the processed foods you buy, you will notice there will always be sugar, salt and fat – even in the products you wouldn’t think to have all three (from commercial breads to yogurt to pasta sauce).

Why do they do this?

Not only does the combination of all three nutrients taste great – it sparks that chemical reaction within the body.

Inevitably, the consumers will consume more and buy more.

My advice: Consume products that haven’t been chemically formulated to cause you to over-eat.

I know eating a complete whole foods diet isn’t practical for everyone, but it is important to create an environment that does not allow over-eating.

By keeping boxes of cookies and bags of chips in the cupboards – you are setting yourself up for failure.

If you want to treat yourself, go out for the night or only buy small portions so there won’t be any left overs – simple as that!

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