Which teas are the best for hormonal acne/skin issues?

I love tea! Partially because I just love sipping on a hot bevy, but also for the beauty benefits!

Not only does tea provide hydration (which is super important!), but did you know that different teas have different benefits for the overall appearance of your skin?!

Below are some of my favourite teas for hormonal acne/skin issues!

Rooibos Tea (caffeine free) is a great choice for those who experience dryness of the skin or are looking for anti-aging benefits due to the enzyme superoxide dismutase!

Spearmint Tea (caffeine free) has an “anti-androgenic” effect, which means it can reduce sebum production – minimizing oiliness! Androgen levels cycle with the menstrual cycle, which is why many women notice they get breakouts around menstruation.

Burdock Root Tea (caffeine free) promotes healthy glowing skin by detoxifying the body (specifically the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and lymphatic system). When your organs become overloaded with toxins, the skin eliminates the waste through sweat and sebum production which can lead to an array of different skin conditions.

Chamomile Tea (caffeine free) can greatly to reduce the appearance of redness as it acts as an anti-inflammatory, not to mention it has all-around calming properties that can help balance cortisol levels!

Green Tea (contains caffeine) is loaded with antioxidants that can aid in reducing redness and inflammation. Applying green tea topically can help reduce sebum production, minimizing oiliness!

What are your favourite teas?!

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