What’s the link between travelling, pH levels of your skin and acne/other skin conditions?

Basically our skin requires a balance between acid/alkaline (optimal skin pH level should be slightly acidic, around 5) 

It’s pretty simple – We need this balance to keep water in and environmental toxins out. 

Chronic imbalances with your skins pH will likely result in acne, inflammation and/or wrinkles. 

Many people also notice changes in their skin condition when travelling because their pH levels are thrown off, mainly because they are out of routine and are not doing the following –

How to maintain a more balanced skin pH: 

1. Stay hydrated – Hydration ensures a healthy protective barrier. Without proper protection, skin conditions are very likely to be exacerbated. 

2. Proper nutrition – This is critical to maintain appropriate internal and external pH conditions. Basically, you want to ensure you are consuming enough alkalizing fruits and vegetables. Consuming more antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables can also protect the skin from oxidation and environmental stressors. 

3. Moisturize – I personally use coconut oil and olive oil on my face as these oils work well with the skins natural oils.

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