How can processed “fat-free” foods cause you to gain weight?

It’s important to know that fat is an ESSENTIAL macronutrient needed for optimal hormone health and overall well-being!

A common misconception with “fat-free” or “low-fat” foods is that they are better for you or will help you lose weight.

How can “fat-free” processed foods actually cause you to gain weight?

  1. Fat fills you up and keeps you feeling fuller longer! When the fat is removed from foods, it causes many people to over-eat to feel satiated!
  2. Fatty foods tend to have a lot more flavour. Processed “fat-free” foods usually lose a lot of flavour, which is why ingredients like sugar, flour, salt etc are added into the mix. Although a package may say “fat-free”, it may actually have more calories than the regular version due to all of the additives! It’s important to ensure that the lower fat option isn’t loaded with sugar and other additives/that it’s actually lower in calories than the regular version or it could be doing more harm than good.
  3. Normally low fat diets will mean that the diet is very high in carbohydrates. Excess amounts of carbohydrates are turned into fats in the liver (resulting in elevated triglycerides in the blood) which can play a role in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  4. Even if a food is “fat free”, “sugar free” AND/or “calorie free” – it doesn’t mean it is healthy. These types of foods are often loaded with chemicals which can cause bloating, headaches and put you at risk for hormone imbalanced and serious health problems!

Don’t be afraid of healthy fats!

Eat a whole foods based diet and pay attention to nutrition labels when buying packaged foods! If there are too many ingredients (many of which you can’t pronounce), put it down and try to find a whole foods based option!

By ensuring your diet consists of nutrient dense whole foods, closest to their natural states – you will be placing yourself in an environment for optimal well-being.

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