What’s the deal with bone broth?

I personally love bone broth – I had it today post-workout!

Post workout nutrition is an interesting subject as post-workout nutrition can vary from person to person based on their bio-individuality.

What someone should be eating post-workout will always vary based on their health, right down to their own personal goals – but the goal of post workout nutrition should always be focused on improving performance, body composition, recovery and overall health.

After a workout, when there is inflammation in the body due to your body being put under stress, you should be fuelling your body with high quality nutrition to allow your body to start the recovery process.

You can do this by choosing foods that can help repair and heal your cells and tissues, while boosting your immune system and metabolism vs eating processed foods that are just adding to the inflammation.

Not only is bone broth packed with nutrients in an easily digestible form that can support your hair, skin, nails and joints – but it is an excellent source of amino acids like L-Glutamine which can help repair your cells, heal your gut and enhance absorption of other foods as well!

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