What will it take for you to have a better relationship with food?

Most conventional diets fail because they lead to a mindset of restriction – as this almost always results in frustration, a lack of consistency, an unhealthy relationship with food and a whole lot of added stress.

A mental shift won’t happen overnight, but what has helped me maintain a good relationship with food is –

I eat mindfully.

I focus on eating whole nutrient dense foods, but I also allow myself the freedom to eat as I please.

I don’t restrict myself from anything.

I trust my body and the signals it gives me.

I eat when I’m actually hungry and I stop eating when I am comfortably full.

I use food for nourishment, and not for emotional reasons.

I’ve found a passion for cooking and coming up with new healthy recipes.

I don’t compare what I eat, to what others eat.

It’s healthy to eat nutrient dense foods, but it’s also healthy enjoy experiences and eat the foods you love without feeling guilty.

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