What should you eating during flight?

Most of you know that I fast during flight to reduce jet leg, digestive distress and inflammation accumulated flight. 

Of course – if I’m really hungry, I will just eat something that is quick and easy to digest (this smoothie is coming in clutch) 

By taking digestion out of the mix, not only will you reduce the amount of stress put on your body (remember that sitting for long periods of time, eating during flight, the dramatic change of pressure or crossing time zones are all considered stress) – but it can drastically reduce jet lag symptoms as well!

Less stress during flight also means less breakouts. 

I added lemon juice and ginger into this smoothie to aid in that digestive fire. If you are looking for an in depth guide on improving your digestion, I highly recommend checking out “The Hormone Reboot – Digestive Healing” in the guide section of my website.

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