What should I eat post-workout?

Post workout nutrition is an interesting subject.

What should you eat post workout? When should you eat it?

I’m sure a lot of you have heard that you should only eat high protein, high carbohydrates and minimal dietary fat post-workout to maximize your results.

These answers aren’t so cut and dry as there are SO many variables that focus on each person and their bio-individuality.

What isn’t so cut and dry?

Post workout nutrition should be focused on improving performance, body composition, recovery and overall health.

Instead of just counting calories, macronutrients or eating something because it will spike your insulin the highest – how about counting nutritional BENEFITS.

After a workout, when there is inflammation in the body due to your body being put under stress, you should be fuelling your body with high quality nutrition to allow your body to start the recovery process.

You can do this by choosing foods that can help repair and heal your cells and tissues, while boosting your immune system and metabolism vs eating processed foods that are just adding to the inflammation.

What should you eat post workout? A high quality protein source to aid in protein synthesis and either a high quality carbohydrate source or a high quality low carb source paired with moderate a healthy fat source depending on your workout intensity and your goals (someone doing a brisk 20 minute walk doesn’t typically need the same post workout nutrition as someone who just finished a high-intensity hypertrophy training session).

When should I eat my post workout meal? I personally like to eat my post workout meal within half an hour after training.

Take home message: Everyone is different, and there isn’t specific diet that works for everyone when it comes to nutrition. Be your own health advocate and find what works best for you!

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