What happens when you take a couple weeks off from the gym?

My body doesn’t change as much as I used to think it did.

The last 3 weeks that I have been travelling – I haven’t seen the inside of a gym once.

I’ve used resistance bands twice, and the rest of the time was spent walking around for hours exploring.

I’ve had salads and green juices, but I’ve also had dessert almost everyday.

I weighed myself today, and I’m the same weight I was before I left. Even if I wasn’t, I think it’s important to still allow yourself to feel good about yourself (even if you think you look different)

Take home message:

1. There are so many better ways to track your progress than the number on the scale. Focus on your mood, sleep, energy levels and how you actually feel about yourself.

2. Getting movement in should be enjoyable and make you feel good, not stress you out.

3. Sometimes taking a break from your normal routine can actually help motivate you.

4. No ones health and fitness journey is linear. Your journey should be focused on getting yourself on a better track and learning to love yourself through all the stages. It’s a never ending journey, so learn to enjoy the ride

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