What can your menstrual cycle tell you about your health?

The benefits of your period… Sayyyy what?

Haha I know it isn’t something you commonly hear, but your menstrual cycle can actually be a super beneficial tool!

The frequency (or infrequency), the colour, the flow, spotting and the pain of your menstrual cycle are all indicators of the state of your hormonal and metabolic health.

Super dark and heavy period? Frequent clots? This could be an indicator of estrogen dominance.

Absence of your period? This could be a sign of thyroid dysfunction, PCOS or cortisol imbalance.

Spotting when it isn’t your cycle?  This could be a sign of low progesterone.

The specifics:


If your period goes back and forth from being heavy one both, to heavy the next – it could be an indication of thyroid dysfunction.

Super heavy periods can be an indication of uterine fibroids, and can also be a major cause of anemia.

Abnormally light periods or the absence of can be due to high amounts of stress or a vitamin/mineral deficiency – but it can also be an indication of PCOS or autoimmune disorders. (Of course, the absence of your cycle can also be due to pregnancy).


The normal colour of a healthy period should be a bright red colour.

If the colour of your periods is a super light pink colour, this could be an indication of low estrogen.

If the colour is a dark red/purple colour with a thick consistency, this could be an indication of high estrogen levels.

If the colour is a consistent brown colour, this could be an indication of too little progesterone.


While some cramping is normal, severe cramping could be an indication of excess amounts of a hormone called prostaglandin or it could be early signs of Endometriosis or Fibroids.


Spotting normally occurs when something is out of balance. This could be due to hormonal birth control, thyroid dysfunction, stress, or a serious disease.

Our bodies are smart and give us signals we need to pay attention to. I don’t recommend self-diagnosis, but I encourage you to become more aware and use your menstrual cycle as a tool to become more in tune with your body!

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