Is losing weight all about calories in vs. calories out?

While the amount of calories you consume and expend will always play a role in fat-loss, it is important to know that our hormones are chemical messengers that transfer information from one place in our body to another, which means our hormones regulate what the calories will actually do within our body.

The most common imbalances in women being cortisol, thyroid and estrogen.

The most common imbalances in men being cortisol, thyroid and testosterone.

It’s important to know that unintentional weight gain is just a symptom – usually from lack of sleep, stress, poor gut health, medications (like steroid medications or birth control) or a hormonal condition, like hypothyroidism or PCOS)

What do all of these have in common? Hormones.

How can you alter your hormones to allow you to function more optimally?
1. Eat a balanced diet with adequate amounts of healthy fats (and ensure proper omega 3/omega 6 ratio)
2. Improve your gut health
3. Increase blood and lymphatic circulation
4. Reduce stress
5. Reduce your toxic load (kitchen, beauty/body care products)

If you are looking for more guidance on balancing your hormones, I highly recommend checking out the guide section of my website.

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