Is it good to drink water before or after your food? What about during your meal?

I’ve written a couple blog posts on the importance of water when it comes to establishing an environment for fat loss (as water plays a key role in every chemical reaction within our cells) – but is there a right or wrong time to drink it?

Is it good to drink water before or after your food? What about during your meal?

I personally drink the majority of my water in the morning (while I am fasting) and in between my meals (not during). 

Why? Mainly to ensure optimal digestion and to manage insulin levels. 

It is super important to stay hydrated, as your blood is made up of over 80% water. Basically when you excrete water, the volume of blood decreases and the sugar remains the same (concentrated blood sugar means higher blood sugars). When you are hydrated – not only will your blood sugar levels be more balanced, but you are more likely to avoid constipation (dehydration being a major cause of chronic constipation).

Of course, during a meal – it is totally fine to sip on water (as many fruits/vegetables contain water), but there is a difference between having a couple sips vs drinking a couple glasses.

But how can drinking water affect your insulin levels? Your body is pretty incredible – and it actually begins releasing insulin even before we take a bite of food. When we smell or think about food – our brains trigger “Cephalic Phase Insulin Release”.

Without trying to overcomplicate things – When we ingest food, our bodies have to adjust to the sudden flood of glucose entering our systems as our meals are digested. When you are drinking too much water during your meal, it causes insulin levels to fluctuate notably.

These fluctuations can affect digestion, and can also increase your chances of storing your meal as body fat vs utilize as energy.

Apart from insulin fluctuations – drinking too much water during your meal can reduce saliva production and dilute gastric juices, both which are needed for optimal digestion.

My advice: Ensure you are staying hydrated, but consume the majority of your water in the morning and in between/away from meals.

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  1. Could you please do a blog post or a YouTube video that goes into greater detail of intermittent fasting? I perform my fast from bedtime through the morning but I workout at night. I have heard multiple times that it is ideal to workout right before breaking the fast. Am I defeating the purpose of intermittent fasting? And if I workout late, should I still have a post workout meal even though it is not in my eating window?

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