How to navigate your way around a food label!

Food labels can be misleading, which is why the best advice I can give everyone is to start consuming more whole foods that do not have labels.

I know for some people, consuming only whole foods isn’t practical in their day to day lives – so here are my top tips for navigating your way around a nutrition label!

  1. The fewer ingredients it has, the better!
  2. Read the ingredients! Choose packages with whole food ingredients instead of choosing solely on calorie content or one with a long list of chemicals that you can barely pronounce. Artificial colours/flavours, high fructose corn syrup are things everyone should try to steer clear from!
  3. Take a look at the serving size! This one may shock you. Just when you thought your small bottle of juice was only 300 calories, and you may find out that it was for only half the bottle.
  4. When buying processed sources of carbohydrates – look for foods with more fibre, and less sugar. There is not a daily recommendation for the amount of sugar one should consume everyday, but I personally think – the less, the better. On the other hand, fibre is so important and ideally everyone should be getting at least 30g per day.
  5. Don’t get swayed by “low-fat”, “sugar-free”, “vegan” labelling, most of the time – these can actually be a lot unhealthier options due to the fact that they need to compensate (usually with artificial ingredients) for the missing flavour!

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