How to get rid of water retention ASAP

Ever wake up after a night of indulging, look in the mirror and freak out because it looks like you gained 5lb? Or you actually stepped on the scale and it shows that you have gained 5lb?

STOP STRESSING. That is tip number one. Too much cortisol circulating within your body will not only increase your cravings (which can actually derail you) – but it will also cause water retention.

I think almost every single one of my clients thought they have fallen off track after Easter – and it’s actually nearly impossible to gain 5lb of fat in one day. This is most likely all water weight and it will subside.

What could be causing you to retain more water? SO MANY VARIABLES. Carbohydrates/Sodium, Water Intake, Hormones and Exercise (lack of exercise can cause you to retain water, and inflammation from an intense training session can also cause you to retain water)

Instead of me telling you to just get back on track, here are my favourite ways to get you feeling/looking back on track ASAP:

1. Take an Epsom Salt Bath. Not only will this destress/relax you, but they are anti-inflammatory and will help draw out excess toxins and fluids from your body.

2. Make sure you are hydrated. Not only will you have less water retention (when you’re not drinking enough water, your body will hold onto what it has – hello survival mechanism), but it plays a major role in liver function to allow optimal fat oxidation.

3. Eat more potassium-rich foods! If you over-indulged – it was likely in carb/sodium rich foods (which lead to water retention). Instead of cutting out sodium (not recommended as if levels are too low, it will also lead to imbalances/fluid retention) focus on potassium-rich foods to help balance sodium levels and increase urine production (dark leafy greens, avocados and bananas are your friends)

Lastly – get some movement in and get back to making decisions that improve your health and happiness!

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