How to gain weight in a healthy manner

 Although one of my main focuses is on sustainable weight-loss, for some people – being underweight or having difficulty gaining weight can be just as disappointing as being overweight.
I have heard some crazy ways on how some people have tried to gain weight, so I want to break it down simple on how one gain weight without causing harm to their body.

1. Increase nutrient-dense calories from protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Increasing your healthy fats is especially great for those with decreased appetite as these are calorically dense. (Example: 2 tbsp of nut butter + 2 tbsp of hemp seeds = 300 calories)

2. Focus on gut health and repair your damaged digestive tract

About 90% of nutrient absorption takes place in the small intestines. If you are not absorbing the nutrients you are taking in, it will be very hard to gain weight.

3. Limit cardio workouts when trying to gain weight and focus on strength training movements, allowing an optimal environment for building muscle and healthy weight.

4. Reduce overall stress loads – People react to stress in different ways, but many undergo a shift in eating patterns – for some making food unappealing, resulting in weight loss

6. Supplement with herbs like Gentian if you naturally have a low appetite, as this can help you increase appetite and bile flow.



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