How to boost immunity in “cold and flu season”

I personally think the quality of your immune system is something we should always be working towards strengthening (not just in “cold and flu season”) as it solely relies on having good physical and mental health.

Providing your body with quality nutrition, supplementing where necessary, getting regular movement in, getting quality rest and being in a good mental state is the foundation of a healthy immune system!

Below are my top tips for boosting your immune system!

1. Laying off the antibiotics, revving up the probiotics and supplementing for a healthy gut! 70% of your immune system lives in our gut, so it only makes sense to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria and supporting the health of your gut! I recommend using raw garlic, oregano oil and/or manuka honey as your first call to action to build your immune strength.

2. Get adequate sunlight exposure and supplement with vitamin D3 if necessary as deficiency in vitamin D is associated with a compromised immune system.

3. Make sure you are eating enough nutrient dense foods, focusing on antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables and limiting your refined carbohydrate intake. When looking to boost our immunity, we want to focus on live, bioavailable nutrients! Probiotic foods such as kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and pickled vegetables are also a great additive to any diet!

4. Consider supplementing with natural immune supporters – zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D.

5. Reduce your overall stress level! This means – physical, emotional, mental and environmental!

6. Get adequate rest! I cannot overstate the importance of getting enough rest.

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