What kind of cardio should I do and how often should I do it?

I personally like to start my day with some type of cardio.

Not to burn calories, but to promote a more positive hormonal profile.

Getting my body moving in the morning will release mood boosting hormones, as well as result in a higher cortisol output. Cortisol should be naturally high in the morning and go down throughout the day and I find that starting my day with movement promotes a more restful sleep at night.

Sometimes I just walk, other times I do HIIT.

If I do HIIT I prefer to do it in the morning, to reap the full benefit of EPOC, meaning that your body’s ability to process calories is heightened for the whole day.

How often? I go on a walk every morning.

Nothing strenuous, mainly to get an americano haha.

If I’m doing HIIT, 20 minutes is all I need. A common mistake people make when implementing cardio is doing TOO MUCH. The body adapts quickly to repetitive aerobic exercise and it can also down regulate your thyroid function – both making you less efficient at burning calories and a less ideal environment for fat loss.

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