How can I minimize pre-menstrual weight-gain?

It is super common for women to experience weight gain before and during their menstrual cycle due to hormone fluctuations.

This weight gain can come from fluid retention, bloating or you could be caving into all of your cravings – and it could be fat. Don’t worry though, it’s most likely just water.

During your menstrual cycle, there is a lot going on with your hormones! Bloating, water retention and the cravings are REAL.

How can you minimize the symptoms of PMS?

  • Drink more water (You need to drink water to release water. Drinking more water will add in minimizing fluid retention)
  • Get some light-movement in to boost your mood, reduce cramps and aid in fluid retention!
  • Avoid consuming foods that contain high amounts of sodium as it may only make fluid retention worse! Instead focus on consuming fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium (this will aid in fluid retention)
  • Craving chocolate? Go for it! Luckily dark chocolate contains high amounts of magnesium! Make sure it is 80% raw cacao and above! Magnesium levels drop during the premenstrual stage, which means the body produces less insulin. Less insulin usually results in sugar cravings essentially leading to overindulging and fat gain!

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