How can I be more “body positive”?

Recently posts about “body positivity” have been flooding my news feed.

Whenever I talk about body positivity or give tips on self-love – I’ll get the odd comment like “well that’s easy for you to say”.

If you haven’t noticed – I’ve gained about 25lb in the past 6 months (I’m 5’6 and 150lb – some muscle, mainly fat)

Whether you are a man or woman, petite or not – gaining 25lb in a fairly short period wouldn’t be the easiest thing to adjust to.

I don’t talk or post about it much because I don’t really think about it.

I’m not competing any longer and maintaining a “shredded” physique doesn’t serve me.

How did I adjust?

When you train your mind to be less concerned about the number on the scale and when you start focusing on more important things like nourishing your body with things that are good for you, your energy levels, how well you’re sleeping, your mood and the important relationships in your life – you will find that you will have less inclination to focus on the physical.

When you start appreciating yourself for all the things that you (and your body) are doing and the effort you are putting forth – I personally think body positivity will just come more naturally.

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