Frequently Asked Questions on Water Fasting

I am so happy so many of you were interested on learning more about fasting!

I currently intermittent fast and have fasted for over 24 hours before, but as of last night I started my first 3-day water cleanse (depending on how I feel, maybe longer) looking to reap the autophagy benefits.

What is autophagy? It’s basically the body consuming the body’s own tissue as a natural metabolic process. It sounds kind of gross, but it can work to clean out everything that it can that is not essential to bodily functioning – including waste products in the blood, damaged cell components that have been built up in the body and stored fat. 

Autophagy essentially makes us more efficient at eliminating toxins and stopping disease from growing. 

Of course, if you’ve never fasted before – I wouldn’t recommend doing a 3-day water fast, and to start with intermittent fasting. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Water Fasting

How much water do you drink per day?

Drink when you are thirsty. You do not need to drink more than you normally would. I drink roughly around 3L.

Can you still workout during a water fast?

It is totally up to you! Just use your common sense. If you have the energy, go for it. If you are lacking energy and feeling tired, let your body recover.

Are you afraid of losing muscle?

Not at all! Since growth hormone is high during a fast, it is possible to actually recover and build muscle faster in this state.

Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone – as everyone is different. If you have more body fat – you will burn more body fat and preserve more muscle. If you are very lean, your body may tap into your muscle and preserve some body fat.

Overall – there is minimal muscle loss during a fast, as your body only burns a small portion of muscle when it switches fuel sources – glucose to fat.

Do you drink BCAA’s during your water fast?

If you are doing a water fast, you just drink water. Drinking BCAA’s during a water fast, as it can counteract the autophagy benefits.

What can you do about headaches during a water fast? 

Make sure you are staying hydrated (sufficient water is needed for a water fast). Headaches are a common detox symptom, so sometimes you just need to bear through it. Peppermint oil can also be quite helpful.

How does fasting effect your hormones?

There are so many ways that fasting effects your hormones, the two main hormones being insulin (reduction) and growth hormone (increase).

In almost all my guides (found in the guide section of my website), I suggest intermittent fasting and how to properly do it.

For women, we have to be careful not to jump right into fasting right away if it is new for us. I have been intermittent fasting for quite some time now, so during this fast I don’t feel “starved”.

I personally think the biggest difference between fasting and starvation (besides the fact that fasting is voluntary) is the mental aspect.

Does fasting for 5 days have any effect on your metabolism?

There are actually studies that show that after 98 hours (4 days) of fasting, the basal metabolic rate is actually slightly higher than when started the fast.

What do you consume after the fast?

Of course, after fasting – you want to ease into larger meals as your digestive system has had a break for the last couple days.

Start with fresh vegetable/fruit juice/smoothies, and then move onto fruits and vegetables etc.

You know your body best, but it’s important to have smaller portions and to chew your food well to ensure there is no digestive disturbances.

Any more questions? Ask below!

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